About Us


From Miami to and for the World, FreshOrPhresh was born by initiative of a life-long local compelled to communicate the beauty, the struggle, the humor, and especially the advantages of growing up in the vibrant 305.

A collaboration-driven media and lifestyle brand with genuine passion for community, culture, debate and creativity, FreshOrPhresh has one main focus:  “Informing and connecting”. In order to bridge gaps inside of Miami, our purpose is to shine an authentic light on its people and their stories, linking them directly to the city’s magic and its opportunities.

Miami’s multifaceted nature breeds a rich culture full of talent, diversity and an undeniable impact on its inhabitants and environment. Unfortunately, its potential isn’t as savored as its reputation. All good,  we’re here to change that.

Darwin "Dee" Figueroa

Darwin "Dee" Figueroa


Born in Jackson Memorial to Colombian parents and Nicaraguan, Cuban, Venezuelan, Jamaican, Haitian, Hondurian, Puerto Rican ETC… Brother and Sisters.  Miami runs in my veins.

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